Monday, 1 October 2018

Series of Events: पराक्रम पर्व Prakram Parv, Clean India Movement, Gandhi & Shastri Jayanti

Series of events/activities were conducted in the School during last few days. The first and foremost event was "Parakram Parv" "पराक्रम पर्व"; which is the second anniversary of 'Surgical Strike'. According to the guidelines of Government of India; it was done in patriotic manner. In this event, students presented patriotic song. They made greeting cards for our brave soldiers having a message that we all are grateful to our soldiers. Except this, students wrote letters to soldiers expressing their patriotic feelings. Moreover, NCC, Scouts and Guides students went for a rally nearby to aware people about this. Classes 5 to 12 students were shown a presentation and movie to make them aware about this important event. 
In continuation of events; to promote "Clean India" movement; students gave their contribution by cleaning the school campus and ground. By doing this, they spread the message of giving ones helping hand in the movement wherever you are. Oath was taken to buckle up belts to make India clean, and educate people also for this. 
On the occasion of Gandhi and Shastri Jayanti various presentations were done. Altogether students enjoyed and learned a lot from the whole series of events and activities after their exams. Some of the glimpses are worth to share here:  

Surgical Strike
Board Decoration

Patriotic Song Presentation

Greetings Card Making

PPT and Movie show on Surgical Strike



Cleanliness Oath

Gandhi and Shastri Jayanti
Sarva Dharma Prayer


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