Thursday, 4 October 2018

Dehradun & Mussorrie Trip

Six days tour to Dehradun & Mussorrie, conducted between Friday, September 28 – October 03, 2018.

At first; students alongwith their escorting teachers visited Buddha Temple, a monastery, and temple of Lord Buddha. It was wonderful to see the architecture of Buddha Religion and understanding the concept of Buddism. Then the trip moved to Forest Research Institute (FRI) to see the museums of Forestry and Wood. The building has an amazing Geometrical Symmetry and for students; it was surprising to know the concept of Mathematics used in the architecture of the building. The entire verandah looks like an endless cave of arches. It has total 6 museums out of which 4 were opened. It depicts the various aspects of things which we get from forests and also it makes us realize the importance of forests. In one of the museums, students got the chance to see thousands of varieties of insects and worms, which are harmful for wood, present in their fossil form. 
Students also visited 'Sahastradhara' on the way, the name 'Sahastradhara' is taken from Sanskrit, which means thousands of channels of water and students could understand why this name is given to the place. This beautiful place is surrounded by hills and as the name says, it has thousands of channels of water flowing into the river and making it a roaring and clean river. The ice chilled water contains sulphur dissolved in it and has medicinal properties for various skin diseases. This beautiful place reminds all of us the medicinal properties provided by the nature which are being overlooked theses days. Students also visited Mussorie lake where the water flows in, from mountains to form a shallow lake and makes it a beautiful place, surrounded by the lush green mountains.
Moreover during the visit; students visited Mall Road of Mussorie. It is a very nice and beautiful place to walk and do the shopping with the mesmerizing views of valley and a well lit Dehradun City which appears like stars are dancing in the valley.
Then students were taken along with their escorting teachers to 'Abhinandan Camps' located around 30 km from Mussorie, near the banks of River Yamuna, the journey to the camps on curvy roads with amazing views of valley, lush green mountains and lot of waterfalls was a lifetime experience. The camp consisted of 16 tents and 6 permanent cottages. Students were given the opportunity to learn rope climbing, burma bridge, parallel rope, zip line, rappelling, etc. Although the activities were adventurous but completely safe and all the students enjoyed a lot. Students and teachers stayed in tents whole night with discipline. While they were in tents they could hear the music of River Yamuna, watch stars in absence of city lights and hear the voices of insects and could actually feel the 'Nature'. That starry night was a lifetime experience for all of the students as well as escorting teachers.

On the last day students visited Kempty Fall, a famous waterfall of Mussorie. It is a wonderful waterfall containing ice chilled water flowing from the channels of mountains and gives a spectacular view of falling water. Students then finally headed their journey for Jaipur after visiting the Kempty fall and tour concludes on arrival of Jaipur on October 03.

This tour made students learn so many things which are essential ingredients of our life. Just to name a few, adjusting with friends, sharing, taking care of one
another, team spirit, taking care of our own stuff, packing, unpacking and carrying of our own luggage, respecting the nature.
Indeed the excursion was really worth educating students about real life situations. 

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