Monday, 30 September 2019

Video Conference on Wealth, Poverty and Charity

A video conference on Wealth, Poverty and Charity took Place in Subodh Public School, Airport with Bloomfield Hall School, Pakistan and Pragyan School, Greater Noida, India on September 30, 2019. 
The students were very enthusiastic to participate in the conference for which they practised hard and consulted many videos. 
The Conference was initiated by Mr Christopher from Europe who began the conference by asking to introduce the term ‘wealth’. The students were of the opinion that the term wealth is not only associated with money but if we help someone or whatever we have in abundance like water or ethics or education etc. is wealth. They considered themselves as rich as they are educated, belong to a good background, studying in a good school, enjoying all the facilities and many more.
The students accepted that they are poor if they don’t come forward to help poor sections of the society, or they don’t take a step to raise their voice for some sections like LGBT, or if they don’t stand at the same platform for one of the very sensitive issues like Global warming. Students of Subodh mentioned the initiative being taken by the school where the students from poor sections of the society are taught. They are given free education, free books, and free visits. The school works on medical check-up and the diet chart of students, conducts physical activities and other events for quality learning which was appreciated by the students of other schools. 
All the schools accepted that we are both rich and poor at the same time. Since we are educated we can help others, we are wealthy we can help someone, or if we can provide some kind of medical help to someone we are rich. In fact, our religion too teaches us to help others as there are ‘Langars’ in Sikhism and other religions also teach us to help others. The students also discussed on the reason ‘Why to help others?’ to which it was concluded that if we really want to progress together it is necessary to bring everyone to the same platform. This point was explained beautifully by Yash Bhatia of Subodh Public School  with a story which stated that if all the farmers grow the same kind of seed there will be no competition and they will progress altogether. Poverty can also be reduced by charity and protecting the poor. In the words of Gandhi ji ‘India will be considered as developed when there is no poor left in the country and all are equal’. For there’s poverty and wealth in every occupation. One’s occupation does not cause poverty, nor does it bring wealth. All is determined on the basis of one’s merit. 
Aakriti Jha quoted Nelson Mandela, “overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity it’s an act of justice” and also said it is an act of humanity as it is needed more than it is wanted.
Avni and Agrima Gupta, the twins, took the command by using various quotes as well as facts and figures and were appreciated by the fellow students.
Finally, the conference ended on a coherent note that we should work towards the weaker sections of the society to bring them to the level where they can explore themselves and contribute in developing the economy of the state and the country.