Monday, 30 September 2019

Mother Earth Project: Parachutes For The Planet

To inspire sustainability around the globe Subodh Public School, Airport, participated in Mother Earth Project- Parachutes for the Planet.
Under this project, on Monday, September 30, 2019, students exhibited decorated Parachutes to raise awareness about Climate Crisis and Environmental Issues.
The eminent guests Mr. Vishnu Lata, Mayor (Jaipur), Mr. Birdhi Chand Sharma, General Secretary (Congress) and Ms. Laxmi Saxena, MEP Project Coordinator graced the occasion with their presence.
MEP, is a nonprofit organization which encourages people worldwide to lead more sustainable lives, filled with daily acts of saving and protecting the environment. Using artwork as the catalyst for bringing people together, schools and communities are motivated to create Parachutes for the Planet which aims to raise awareness about the climate crisis and as A Call For Action.
The students and teachers of the school decorated 3 parachutes with artwork by painted with the pictures, slogans, thoughts and quotations related to Nature, Mother Earth and sustainable development actions viz. Say No to Single Use Plastic, Plant More Trees, Compost Food Scraps, Switch to Renewable Energy, Change Light Bulbs to LED, Use Bicycle for Healthy Life.
A series of programmes were conducted in the school with the lightening of Lamp followed by an Oath where in every member present, took an Oath to save Mother Earth, not to use harmful products like polythene, thermocol,  plastic mugs, and No to single use plastics. 

Two songs with the theme Polybags Polybags Everywhere and Nature   O’ Nature and a poem with the theme – “Agar Ped Bhi Chalte Hote” were presented by the Primary students, as a tribute to the Nature and Mother Earth for her selfless service provided to human society.

Mr. Vishnu Lataji, addresses the students and appealed not to harm the nature and natural resources, insisted to follow practices to save water, follow cleanliness, values, culture in the life to become an asset for the society. Go Green, Say No to Plastic, Save energy, Eat healthy food were some of the encouraging words given by the guest.

Mr. Birdhi Chand Ji, highly appreciated the efforts done by the students in transforming useless parachute into a very effective creative art work.

Ms. Laxmi Saxena congratulated the school for becoming Jaipur’s first school to submit MEP, parachute artwork, focusing on service towards nature.
Principal Ms. Kamaljeet Yadav, presented the vote of thanks and conveyed that these parachutes have positive impact on environment as they are the metaphor for bringing the world back to a safe place and gave an assurance to the invited guest to initiate and promote various activities in the school to guide, direct and motivate the young generation to work for the betterment of human society and to put full efforts to produce good and productive  human and clean- hygienic surroundings to serve society and nature.

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