Monday, 15 April 2019

ISA Activity : Fashion Modifabriken

Fashion is a part of our culture and its more than just a pretty dress. It is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is a mirror reflecting the culture. It has to do with ideas, the way we live, the way we express.
Fashion Modifabriken is the 7th ISA activity organized in Subodh Public School, Airport on April 15, 2019. There were 3 guests invited to witness this activity Ms. Shelly Karwan, who is a show director of Rajasthan Weekend, Brand Ambassador of 'Yeh Hai Fashion' and Owner of 'Studio Ur Highness' and 'Aura Fashion Academy', Jaipur.
Mr. Rajputana 2018, Mr. Ishaan Goyal was another guest who was also the first runner up of Mr. Globe 2018. The third guest Ms. Sejjal Raj was an alumni of Subodh Public School, Airport, who is an upcoming fashion diva. Parents of the students were also invited to witness the activity. 
The activity showcased the talent of students through a Ramp Walk in which they portrayed their observation and presentation skills. Here the students beautifully designed the costumes of India, China and Egypt and using old clothes showed the richness of their culture in the costumes. The presentation mesmerized the august audience and left them in also.
Old clothes are not only used to prepare new clothes but awe can be used in many other ways. Students of classes VI - VIII made different items viz – dolls, bags, wall hangings, purses, etc. using old and tattered clothes. The art of the students was displayed in an exhibition which made everyone including parents to admire and the innovation showed by the students.
The guests Ms. Shelly and Mr. Ishaan venerated the efforts of students and encouraged them to be a part of fashion industry and take it as their career. School principal, Mrs. Kamaljeet Yadav thanked the guests and parents to spare their valuable time and the efforts put by the teachers and students.