Sunday, 18 November 2018

Jaipur Foundation Day

Every year; on 'Jaipur Foundation Day'; the rich culture and heritage of the State are celebrated with great zeal. There are various cultural programs in the form of dance, music, and various other ceremonies.

This year also the foundation day of Jaipur city was celebrated at 'City Palace' in which students of our school presented folk songs of Rajasthan. Princess Diya Kumari was the Guest of Honour. 

There was a quiz competition also in which students of our school won prizes for giving right answers. 

Bondage of Jaipurites and Jaipur is very strong. For people residing in Jaipur, it’s an occasion of celebrating the city’s birthday much like they celebrate their own birthdays, especially those who have seen the city’s growth over a long period of time. Our school got the golden chance to celebrate this lovely event. 
Some pics are worth to share here: 

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