Wednesday, 11 July 2018

ISA ACTIVITY Numicon Fun Learning Board Game

An International school activity ‘Indoor Board Games’ competition titled as ‘Numicon Fun Learning Activity’ was held on July 11, 2018. It included Chinese checkers (China), Sugoroku (Japan) and Snakes and Ladders (India). The students of Primary classes (I-IV) participated in it. Students were divided in different teams as 'Xia', 'Shang'  and 'Yuandi' teams for Chinese Checkers. 'Kojiki', 'Nihon', 'Shoki' and 'Kofun' teams for Family Sugoroku. 'Python', 'Mambha', 'Viper' and 'Rattler' teams for Snakes and Ladders. Teachers guided them at times through PPT and instructions; explaining rules of the games. The aim of the activity was to develop interest in students for Maths by Play way method. Winner Noori Singh Baghel and Runners – up Nandini Sharma for Chinese Checkers, Winner Dishti Upadhyaya and Runners – up Samriddhi Singh for Family Sugoroku, Winner Divyanshi Pareek and Runners – up Arna Naruka for Snakes and Ladders were given the prizes by the honourable guests. This activity enhanced sports skills to broaden students perceptions towards Maths.


  1. It is a good activity , students learn new games,numbers and culture of other countries. Really it's a new idea to enhanced knowledge towards maths.

  2. New way to learn maths, is a good activity to develop interest in maths.